Classification of mattresses with respect to its design and material

For every human being proper sleep is an inevitable part of our life. A normal human being spends almost one third of his lifetime sleeping. Since such a big part of our lives involves sleeping it should be done properly to avoid ourselves from different medical illnesses. It has been seen in studies that a person who sleeps well is both physically and mentally strong. Studies show that sleep enhances our memory power, it lets the muscles get proper rest so that they can work even more efficiently. We work hard every day to achieve a lifestyle that fulfills all our requirements and give a luxurious life to our loved ones which they deserved and which we promised them. To get ourselves works flawlessly we need proper rest every day and need to relax our muscles, hence a sound sleep is very essential. Not only that it helps to improve our metabolism and regulates blood circulation.


For a better sleep a good mattress is a key factor which should be taken care of. The characteristics of a good mattress are that it should provide the correct amount of support and should help the body to relax properly. Choosing a mattress should be a very personalized view. If the mattress is firmer then it may cause muscle stiffness and if it is too loose then might cause back pain.


Buying a good mattress is a hectic task. There are innumerable companies selling mattress and there are innumerable types of mattresses which are which are being sold. The characteristics of a good mattress are that it should have perfect firmness, should be able to give proper support to the body, and most importantly should be very comfortable.


There are differentdifferent types of mattress. There are some mattresses which have innerspring other use natural fibers to give the buoyancy while some uses foam. Tempurpedic mattresses are those which uses memory foam or temper foam in it. These games were earlier used padding in aircraft cushions. Its uses increased when these were used for medical equipment padding. These types of mattresses are very famous these days.